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R-22 Refrigerant Is A Necessary Cost

Out with the Old in with the New!

According to the EPA, refrigerant is damaging to the environment. Because of this, the price of ozone-depleting R-22 refrigerant, which is used in many older air conditioning systems, has risen as much as 500%—and we don’t know how high it might go. These are direct costs that we have to pay and we have no choice but to pass those costs along, which is why your refrigerant may cost more now than during previous service calls.


AC Repair in Kansas City

In this post, you’ll learn how to prevent AC failures, the basics of refrigerant, how to avoid scammer repairmen, troubleshooting tips, heat-related illnesses that may come as a result of air conditioner failure, and typical reasons for AC repair in Kansas City. Before we get to air conditioning repair, let’s go over some ways that you can prevent air conditioning failures in the first place.


Hot Water Heaters

Hot water heater not working? If you have hot water heater problems, this guide will provide a breakdown of the types of hot water heaters, the different features of a hot water heater, and some troubleshooting tips that you can do on your own! Whether your hot water heater is leaking, making some strange noises, or releasing an unpleasant odor, we’ve got the solution for all issues related to a hot water heater in Kansas City.


HVAC Myths: Busted

Whether it’s a hot and humid summer afternoon or windy and cold winter morning in Kansas City your HVAC system is working hard to keep you comfortable. There are many misconceptions when it comes to your air conditioner and furnace and what certain do’s and don’ts that relate to them. Here are five misconceptions or myths that we will bust for you!