Are You Living With a Germ-a-Phobe?

 Ultraviolet (UV) light provided by the sun is nature’s way of controlling airborne microorganisms outdoors. Moss only grows on the north side of a tree because the sun’s UV rays do not reach there. Using the same technology as the sun, a germicidal lamp uses an ultraviolet (UV) bulb to safely kill germs and harmful contaminants trapped in your home.

Germicidal lamps are widely used in hospitals, restaurants, nursing homes, and child care facilities because they kill germs. In a home, properly installed inside your heating and cooling system, they will not only kill germs like the common cold, viruses, and influenza, but will also keep mold and mildew (which most people are allergic to) from growing in your ductwork.  And when an ultraviolet light is shining on the indoor coil of an air conditioning system, it keeps it sparkling clean, which means better efficiency and lower electric bills.

Put a germ barrier mask on your heating and cooling system—call us to install a germicidal lamp today!