KCP&L Cool Homes Rebate Ending

KCP&L Cool Homes Rebate Ending

By Steve Burbridge, Anthony Plumbing, Heating & Cooling

Kansas homeowners have a very limited time to tap into the KCP&L “Cool Homes” rebate program. The Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) has approved KCP&L’s application to suspend the Cool Homes rebate program in Kansas. The rebate will not be available for any air conditioning system qualified after July 7, and installed after JULY 21, 2011.

A homeowner’s last chance to qualify for FREE money is July 7. If your air conditioner is over 12 years old, it is likely to qualify for the rebate when replaced with a high efficient system. To learn if your old AC qualifies for the rebate, you should call us for the test, which we offer for free.

We’ve served hundreds of customers who have taken advantage of this rebate already. They realize the value of upgrading their old air conditioners to a more efficient system. And the high efficient new systems will also result in extra dollars in their pocket with each energy bill.

You should be careful not to just buy ‘anything’ that’s new. To qualify, the equipment and installation must meet certain efficiency standards. We can make sure you install what qualifies for the rebate and we also take care of the paperwork to get you the rebate.

Don’y delay! Call us today for the free test to see if you qualify for the $650 or $850 rebate.