KCP&L Cool Homes Rebate

If you have an older, inefficient AC, you could be missing out on FREE money to help you replace it — up to $850.

KCP&L customers who invest in high efficient air conditioners and heat pumps tap into the KCP&L “Cool Homes” rebate program. This program is in place to encourage homeowners to upgrade to more green, high efficient heating & cooling systems.

At Anthony Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, we’ve served hundreds of customers who have taken advantage of this program already. They realize the value of upgrading their old air conditioners to a more efficient system. And the high efficient new systems should also mean extra dollars in their pocket with each energy bill.

You should be careful not to just buy ‘anything’ that’s new. To qualify, the equipment and installation must meet certain efficiency standards. It’s easy to check. Just make sure you deal with a professional or someone you trust. LEARN MORE

Homeowners who have been thinking about replacing their old units shouldn’t wait. We make it easy, and the qualification test on your working AC is free. Click here to schedule the FREE CheckMe! test.

KCP&L Cool Homes Rebate