At Anthony PHC, we’ve created this guide to toilet repair in Kansas City to ensure you are always prepared for what your toilet might do next…

The humble toilet is one of the most important appliances in your home, so it’s imperative that you take care of it when it’s in need of repair. No one wants to deal with public restroom lines out the door just because half the toilets are out of order. No one wants to have to escort visitors to their personal bathroom because the guest one is clogged either.


In this post, we’ll explain the different types of water heaters, how water heaters work, how you can fix some problems yourself, and who to contact for water heater repair, Anthony PHC Kansas City, of course.

It’s colder in KC than Antarctica right now—make sure you have the hot water to combat the cold with Anthony PHC Kansas City.

Imagine the worst scenario possible: You come in after a fun afternoon playing in the snow, head into the bathroom for a warm shower and…nothing but freezing cold water. If this happens to you, we want you to be informed about how you can fix the problem and when to call in a professional to make sure things don’t get worse.