Instant Hot Water Installation

After we install this Instant Hot water system in a customer’s kitchen, it quickly becomes the most popular feature in their home. At your kitchen sink, we install an attractive dispenser which delivers instant hot water for coffee, tea, cocoa, and instant hot cereal. In fact, we hear customers commonly use it to clean pots and pans instead of soaking them over night. Be careful not to get your hands under the running hot water.

This water is 200° – HOT! NOT for hand washing.

The water is heated in a small tank mounted under your sink.

  • Stainless steel tank for a long life
  • 3-Years parts warranty
  • 3-years labor warranty

Hot Water NOW — Homeowners proclaim “I can’t live without one; a wonderful timesaver with so many uses!”

Our instant hot water dispenser delivers HOT (200 degrees F) water right from the tap at your kitchen sink. No more boiling water for the quick jobs. It allows you to blanch vegetables in an instant, prepare hot cereal, mix hot drinks, loosen jar lids, remove labels from bottles, remove wax residue, polish silver for extra shine, polish jewelry, warm baby food, make a quick hot compress for first aid, remove baked on food, freshen the air by adding the hot water to potpourri, and melt chocolate (just to name a few). Enjoy a hot tea from our Instant Hot in the Anthony Showroom kitchen.

Photos show installation process into an existing granite countertop.

Instant Hot and Cold Water

An experienced granite fabricator drills through the granite. The faucet and attached copper piping is inserted into the hole. The tank is installed under the sink and water piping is connected.