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Consumer Reports does not rate furnace and air conditioners because the performance, energy costs, longevity, and guarantees are so heavily based on the installing company and not the equipment manufacturer. This is why it’s so important to choose an experienced contractor who specializes in residential replacement, not new construction. It’s the service and proper installation of the new system that determines whether it lasts a few years or 20 to 30 years. Our product is quality service and a superior installation, done right the first time — guaranteed.

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  1. TWO-YEAR money-back 100% satisfaction guarantee
  2. TWELVE-YEAR parts and labor guarantee
  3. Comfort Guarantee: Our heating system will maintain 70° inside when it’s 0° outside — Guaranteed!
  4. No Lemons Guarantee: You receive a whole new unit if there is a major part failure.anthony-plumbing-heating-cooling-furnace-technician
  5. Utility Savings Guarantee
  6. $500 No Frustration Guarantee
  7. Property Protection Guarantee
  8. Referral Rewards Pay-Back Program: Your new system could be free!
  9. We pull a City Permit for your safety, EVERY TIME!
  10. We are the “Technicians You Can Trust With Your House Keys!”® Our installers are drug-free, criminal free, and back-ground tested. This means you don’t have to be home during the installation.
  11. Award-Winning Service: Angie’s List Super Service Award every year since 2007
  12. A+ rating with the BBB
  13. All new furnaces are test-fired in our warehouse to “burn off” the manufacturing oil on the heat exchanger. No unhealthy blue smoke or odors will be released in your home.
  14. You will receive an exclusive noise-dampening package to assure the quietest possible new system.
  15. A quality control report is completed on every installation and you are trained on the operation of your new system.

The most important day in the life of your furnace system is the day it’s installed. The DESIGN and INSTALLATION of your furnace is the biggest factor in how efficient and how long it will work. There are several brands but most of their components are made by the same manufacturers. It’s not the brand, but the INSTALLATION that’s so important.