Home Generator Installations

home generatorThe generator’s job is to generate power when it’s told to; those instructions come from the automatic transfer switch. Within ten seconds of a power failure, the transfer switch takes your home off its main power supply and “transfers” it to the auxiliary power supply provided by the standby generator. The distribution panel then distributes that power to the preselected appliances, equipment and lights you’ve identified as necessary for emergency use.

In simple terms, the generator generates the power, the transfer switch tells it when to operate, and the distribution panel determines where the power goes.

We professionally install Kohler, Cummins Onan and Generac standby generators.

All standby generators require a natural gas or LP connection and an outdoor location. Once installed, your standby generator is virtually automatic. Call us today to schedule a free estimate. (913) 353-8444 or (816) 407-8444.