Is Your Upstairs Too Hot in The Summer?

zoningWe control the lighting with a switch in every room, so why not the heating and cooling?  It’s here, a system that delivers the cool air WHERE you need it, WHEN you need it.  And that saves you money.

A Maestro Zoning system is installed right into your existing heating and cooling duct work by a profession contractor.  With additional thermostats, you control the temperate in the room(s) you want comfortable.  The Maestro Zoning system allows the AC to work independently of the rest of the house and send cool air to ONLY that “zone”.

If your single thermostat is on the first floor in a hallway and your bedroom is on the second floor, you’re not controlling the temperature in your bedroom efficiently or effectively.  Don’t waste money to keep unoccupied rooms heated or cooled.  You don’t have to overcool the kitchen to get your upstairs bedrooms comfortable.

Benefits of a zoning system and zone control are energy efficiency, convenience, and comfort.