Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

Q. How can I keep my pipes from freezing?

A. Leave your faucets dripping, open cabinet doors to allow heat to the pipes, remove hoses from outdoor faucets, and place electric space heaters in unheated rooms and garages. To be extra sure, call us to obtain a plumbing safety inspection.  For more info read our blog:

Q. How to can I keep my home plumbing safe during extended vacations during cold temperatures?

A. Turn off the main water valve, open all indoor faucets, unhook washing machine hoses, flush standing water out of toilets and pour propylene glycol into the tank and bowl, pour propylene glycol into each drain trap of every sink and tub, and test to your battery back up sump pump and battery to make sure they are working.  For extra security, invest in a smart home remote water sensor and electronic water valve shut off system. For more info read our blog:

Q. What should I do if my pipes freeze?

A. If your pipes won’t deliver water and you suspect they might be frozen, shut off your main water valve immediately.  Test the all the faucets – is it only one or two that are frozen?  Use a hair dryer on low heat to slowly thaw them.  To test, turn your main water valve back on slowly, then turn the affected faucets back on slowly.  For more info read our blog:

Q. Should I shut off my heat pump if I have a gas furnace back up to heat my home?

A. Yes. Gas prices remain lower than electricity prices, so you should turn your heat pump off and use the gas furnace only.  Do this by switching to emergency heat at the thermostat which will lock out the heat pump and activate your gas furnace.  For more info read our blog: