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Anthony Awesome Giveaway for March – Win a Day at the Ballpark for You and Your Friends!

anthony awesome giveaway - Day at the Ballpark

Our Day at the Ballpark package includes $600 worth of baseball tickets through Stub Hub, which is enough for 4 people to enjoy great seats at the game of your choice. Also included is a portable gas grill and a $100 gift card from HyVee to make your tailgate party a great success!

FINAL MONTH: Through March, Buy an AC and Get a Furnace for Free!

buy an ac and get a furnace for free

In March you will receive a free high-efficiency furnace when you purchase a new AC! Save up to $4,969 on this best deal of the year. Call us now and you will receive a $50 gift card from Hereford House with your free, no-obligation in-home estimate.

RSVP! April 18 is our next Customer Appreciation Breakfast and Open House

open house 2020

Everyone is invited to bring their families to our Customer Appreciation Breakfast and Open House on Saturday, April 18. Click the image above to RSVP, and like our Facebook page to stay tuned to announcements regarding our Open House!

Shoulda Called Anthony – Sewer Opening & Camera Inspection

$99 sewer mainline opening plus camera inspection

Off property clogs are the responsibility of your city, H.O.A. or county - not you. You need a plumber who can discern where the clog exists, and whose responsibility it is to get it fixed. For $99 we will get your mainline flowing and perform a camera inspection to find the "root" of the problem. And don't let someone dig up your yard to repair your sewer before you consider our trenchless pipe bursting technology - we can provide you with an whole new sewer mainline without disturbing your yard or your basement.

Air Scrubber Technology Kills 90% of Viruses in Your Home

Air Scrubber Technology is Proven to Kill Viruses

The Air Scrubber by Aerus® actively treats the air in your home using specialized UV light waves along with a proprietary catalytic process that creates enviro-scrubbing oxygen and hydrogen molecules. This technology is proven to eliminate 90% of the viruses in your home, including flu viruses. Read more about the Air Scrubber by clicking this image. We have other UV virus killing lamps as well. Call us at 913-298-1555 to schedule a visit from our indoor air quality specialist to review your options for helping to keep your family safe during flu outbreaks.

Blog: When Do I Need to Replace My Toilet?

Here are some common issues that indicate it may be time to replace your toilet, and how to choose the best replacement for your home.

Some issues that indicate it may be time to replace your toilet are cracks, clogs, mineral deposits and age. What toilet you buy depends on height, bowl shape, water economy, flushing systems and style. Read our blog to help you through this decision making process.

$77 Drain Opening until Midnight even on Weekends and Holidays

$77 Drain Opening

We will open your interior residential drain up to 75 feet. Call us any time and we will get your life back in the flow.

March Coupons

$69 Air Condition Check & Clean

Beat the heat - have us clean and check your air conditioner before the rush. Only $69.

$100 off a battery back up sump pump

The spring rains have started - is your sump pump ready? Get a battery back up sump pump to make sure. Battery back sump pumps assist your regular pump when the rain water comes in too quickly, and also operate as a back up in case of power outages or main sump pump failure.

$100 off an Anthony Clean Air Machine + Virus-Killing UV Light

Scared of viruses? Dreading allergy season? Let us make your home your clean, safe, allergen-free sanctuary with this effective combination of whole home air cleaning technology.

$50 off a plumbing repair

Need plumbing help? Take advantage of this coupon for $50 of a plumbing repair.